WA Premier Mark McGowan Finally Tucked Into A Bloody Kebab And You Love To See It

Mark McGowan

Western Australia entered phase three of its roadmap to easing COVID-19 restrictions this weekend, and to celebrate, premier Mark McGowan went out and got himself a delicious kebab from the Pita Pit restaurant in Rockingham.

Several questions remain unanswered at this time, including what filling the Premier opted for, and whether-slash-how much garlic sauce was used. He did look pretty bloody pleased with himself when he tucked into that bad boy, though.

“I didn’t run here, but I could have,” he said in the caption to the post, which is honestly just *chef’s kiss*.

At a press conference during the height of WA’s COVID-19 fears, reporter Josh Dore asked Mark McGowan whether the state would fine someone for going for a run then stopping for a kebab, after a similar fine was handed out in New South Wales.

Struggling to keep his composure, the Premier responded:

“I find it hard to believe someone was going for a run and then stopped to have a kebab, but … in any event, they do think differently in New South Wales. Look, there’s nothing wrong with going for a run and having a kebab … I don’t think there’s anything wrong … we’re not making it unlawful to go for a run and eat a kebab.”

Video of the press conference went viral, and this week, the Art Gallery of WA purchased a knitted sweater, from textile artist Emma Buswell, immortalising the moment.