Marilyn Manson’s Ex Jenna Jameson Alleges He ‘Fantasised About Burning Me Alive’ & Fkn Hell

More women, including adult film star Jenna Jameson and filmmaker Love Bailey, have come forward with disturbing stories about Marilyn Manson, aka Brian Warner, in the wake of Evan Rachel Wood‘s allegations of abuse earlier this week.

Jenna Jameson told the Daily Mail that her brief affair with Marilyn Manson in 1997 was consensual but “odd.”

“We didn’t go out long because I cut it off after he would nonchalantly say he fantasized about burning me alive. Sexually he liked to bite, and it was disconcerting.”

She added: “Once he started speaking to me violently, I was like… goodbye Brian. Also the bruises from him biting me weren’t fun.”

On Monday, Wood wrote on Instagram that she was groomed by Marilyn Manson as a teenager and was “horrifically abused” during their relationship from 2007 to 2010.

“I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission,” she wrote.

Love Bailey meanwhile told The Daily Beast about an incident from 2011, when she arrived at Marilyn Manson’s home to style a photoshoot between him and a Hollywood actress.

When she went to dress the actress, she says she found the woman disoriented and believed that she had been drugged.

“I had to crawl over stained sheets to get to her and as I did so [Manson] put a big Glock to my forehead,” she said.

“I remember thinking, Oh my god, am I going to die? I felt powerless, I felt stunned and I was shocked. I was in this state where I was asking myself, isn’t he too famous to kill me?”

Bailey described Manson laughing as he pulled the trigger and said, “I don’t like f—ts,” in an attempt to “scare [her] into submission.”

She then grabbed her things and left his house. “I was just afraid for my life at that point.”

She then shared accounts of abuse from other alleged survivors, including his former personal assistant Ashley Walters and model Sarah McNeilly.

“It felt like I was his property because [he] would offer me up for sexual encounters to please potential collaborators or friends and bragged that he could do so,” Walters wrote on Instagram, adding that she was gaslit and isolated from her friends and family.

“I was emotionally abused, terrorized and scarred,” McNeilly wrote on her own account, saying that she was “verbally berated” and threatened with violence.

“I was locked in rooms when I was ‘bad’, sometimes forced to listen to him entertaining other women. Kept away from certain friends or if I didn’t he would threaten to come after them.”

Model Ashley Lindsay Morgan also shared her experience of abuse from Manson from 2009 to 2010 on Instagram.

“There was abuse, sexual violence, physical violence and coercion,” she wrote.

She described the way Marilyn Manson would ask her to bring him Nazi memorabilia from where she was working in Thailand.

“I brought him swastika throwing stars, knives, rings, it felt so wrong because I am jewish. He said he only dates jewish girls, and it was just a joke between us.”

She continued: “He made me feel like him cutting me, burning me, his fist in my mouth was ‘our thing’. There is so much more that happened.

“I don’t want him to do this to anyone else, and I’ve felt responsible for others getting hurt fo so long. I just thought it was somehow my fault.”

A woman named Gabriella, an artist known on Instagram as sourgirrl, wrote about her experience of abuse from Manson when she was in art school in 2015.

She said that Marilyn Manson demanded they make a “blood pact” the second time they met and that she was raped when she accompanied Manson on tour around Europe.

“He would tie me up for the first of many times and rape me,” she wrote.

She also described an incident where she was made to take drugs before a show in London and woke up being assisted by paramedics.

“The following morning I woke up in an empty hotel room by myself,” she said.

“He told me that he put me in a separate hotel room called ‘the bad girl room’ as punishment. I was alone in the room for 24 hours. All I had was the clothes on my back and my cell phone. He had my wallet, passport, and luggage in his room.”

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Marilyn Manson has been dropped by his label, Lorna Vista Recordings in light of his alleged pattern of abuse.

On Tuesday, Manson addressed the allegations on Instagram, describing the accusations as “horrible distortions of reality.”

“My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners.”

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