Thieves Made Off With $50k Worth Of Swag From Mariah Carey’s L.A. House

This is the second time that Mariah Carey‘s name has appeared in the news cycle today, but honestly, it’s not our fault that she’s so important and influential. In the grand scheme of things, we are all just backing dancers, holding up her gilded chaise lounge.

Anyway, the reason you’re reading about Mariah Carey again today is that the singer’s Los Angeles home was the target of a burglary this week, with thieves breaking in and stealing more than $50,000 worth of handbags and sunglasses.

News and current affairs website TMZ broke the story, saying that the thieves  broke into the residence in the early hours of Thursday morning. It is thought that they gained access through a window or door on an upper floor as a ladder was found in the backyard.

Mariah has a massive and very expensive collection of jewelry, although it appears that only bags and sunnies were taken. We don’t know how many pairs of sunglasses $50k will actually buy you, but eyewear in Los Angeles certainly ain’t cheap.

The thieves reportedly set off a silent alarm in the process of the robbery, but security did not discover the break-in until around 6 or 7am. In short, somebody is getting screamed at right now, and we would love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting.

Mariah was not home at the time of the robbery, as she was in New York. The singer recently premiered a new Christmas song from the soundtrack of the upcoming kids’ flick The Star, so hopefully this hasn’t dampened her festive spirit too much.

The break-in at Mariah Carey’s house is the latest in a string of celebrity burglaries. Per TMZ’s report, Jason DeruloAlanis MorissetteDavid SpadeEmmy Rossum and Scott Disick have also had their residences hit this year.