Marco Pierre White’s Son Lights Up Matt Preston In An Ungodly Twitter Spray

Hooley bloody dooley has this ever escalated quick.
Earlier this morning the yarn broke about how Marco Pierre White left Channel Ten and ‘MasterChef Australia‘ in favour of a gig at Seven on ‘Hell’s Kitchen Australia‘ not because Seven parked a truckload of cash under his prodigious beak, but rather because he was murderously furious with Matt Preston over off-handed, not-even-that-bad comments he made about White’s son, Marco Pierre White Jr.
Preston, on a radio interview conducted well over six months ago, quipped that “anyone who has tattoos on their face they normally behave badly don’t they?” in reference to Marco Jr, who at the time was copping heat for admitting he spent $500,000 of his father’s money on drugs and sex workers. Also he definitely fucked someone on live British TV, while he was engaged to someone else. Also he committed fraud after going nuts with an ex’s bank card, for which he was sentenced to 120 hours of community service. Dude’s a real stand-up bloke, is what I’m getting at here. I’m not saying that Preston was right to say what he did, but if the face tattoo of a shoe fits…
Now then, no one seems to be 100% sure exactly what’s gone down in the past 24 hours, but things have blown the hell up.
In an interview with a Channel Ten newsreader, Marco Snr reportedly sneered “with my hand on my mother’s grave I will get that man” in reference to his apparent desire to turn this tiff with the MasterChef judge into a blood feud.
Marco Jr hasn’t exactly been shy about letting his thoughts on the matter be known, going on an extraordinary rant on Twitter earlier today that took aim squarely at Matt’s newly bearded head.

Fucken hell.

Knob head matt Preston.”
You spend all that time – 3 hours 21 minutes from the time it started until you’d finished – and your punchline to it all is “knob head Matt Preston.”
Marco Jr, it should be said, spends most of his other time on Twitter promoting the launch of a signature line of sex toys.
My take on the matter? Maybe consider not buying your rubber dicks from this bloke.
Christ a-bloody-live.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: John Phillips/Getty.