Marc Maron Will Also Suplex His Way Into Netflix’s Wrestling Comedy ‘GLOW’

You know those things that you learn of and instantly realise they make all the sense in the world? Marc Maron definitely should’ve been a wrestling manager.

The world’s most beloved curmudgeon and talky guy is stepping out of his garage and into the unreal world of mid-80s pro-wrestling for the upcoming Netflix series ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.’
We already know that Alison Brie is suiting up the spandex for the scripted comedy series based largely on the groundbreaking but unbelievably bonkers real-life wrestling promotion G.L.O.W., but Maron’s addition definitely cements this as probably your new favourite show.
Maron will fill the lead male role in the 10-episode series, playing a washed-up Hollywood director named Sam Sylvia who has a “complicated history with women,” who “now must lead 14 of them on the journey to wrestling stardom.
So, y’know. It’s more or less just an amplified version of himself.
The series, as a reminder, is being executive produced by ‘Orange is the New Blackcreator Jenji Kohan, and was put together by Liz Flahive (‘Homeland,’ ‘Nurse Jackie‘) and Carly Mensch (‘Orange is the New Black,’ ‘Weeds‘).
Marc Maron managing Alison Brie while she throws out suplexes and snapmare takedowns? Yes. Bloody. Please.
Source: TV Line.
Photo: Donna Ward/Getty.