Droves of Sydneysiders let loose at a midnight memorial over the weekend for Mario Geklik, the iconic flautist at Manly Seaside Kebabs, who passed away last Tuesday.

Mario was a local legend – a mainstay of The Corso – who played Turkish shepherds’ melodies on his flute for customers at all hours of the day. He died at age 61 after a long battle with cancer, 7 News reports.

Just past midnight on Sunday morning, dozens of dedicated kebab aficionados gathered at The Courso in Manly to pay their respects to the late flautist and kebab maker in a manner truly befitting of a man who was always there whenever you needed a late feed on a big night out.

@manlyseasidekebabsLast night we celebrated in honour of Mario, And as you can see the manly community did not disappoint ##manly ##manlyseasidekebabs♬ original sound – Manly seaside kebabs

Mario had been working at Manly Seaside Kebabs since the year 2000, and had been commuting from his home in Auburn to Manly for over 20 years.

At the gathering, people sung and danced to the beat of drums. Over at the kebab shop’s Instagram page, there are more clips from the unforgettable night saved in an Insta story entitled “Mario