Man Vows To Eat Pic Of Jason Segel Daily Until Jason Segel Eats Pic Of Him

Folks, this story is as ‘goods as advertised’ as you’re ever likely to see.
What it says on the tin is exactly what’s inside: A man, on the internet, is documenting himself eating a photo of popular comedic actor Jason Segel. And he has vowed to repeat this process every day until such time as Jason Segel responds in kind by eating a photo of him.
The internet person, who goes by the YouTube name of Dog Shit, is four days into his great experiment and thus far Segel has outright refused to acknowledge or respond.
Day one began with the giddy thrill of new adventure.

Days two and three continued the trend without offering much in the way of variation. Just a man – a lone man – devouring the face of the star of ‘Freaks & Geeks‘ and ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

Today, day four of the great experiment, Mr. Dog Shit began to get a little creative; not only devouring the photo as the contract stipulates, but doing so while getting the phrase “Jason Segel” permanently tattooed on his own thigh.

For the record, it’s not just any photo of himself that Segel is required to consume in order to bring this saga to a close. It’s this specific one:
Has Jason Segel seen this? Will he dignify it by responding? Will he be able to do so before our intrepid Dog Shit discovers there is such a thing as eating too much printer paper?
We’ll keep you abreast of all updates in this gripping story.

Source: YouTube.