Man Booted From Flight After Drunkenly Entering Cockpit To Charge Phone

Nothing to me is more tedious than people smugly making the point that we’re all addicted to our smartphones now, but there’s definitely an argument to be made to that effect based on the deep anxiety that comes over me if I’m outside the house and my phone dies. What will I do? How will I function? How did I go years and years without one? It turns out that having the sum of all human knowledge and entertainment in a tiny rectangle that fits in your pocket is so unbelievably convenient that going without it has become more or less unthinkable. Does this mean that I would barge my way into the cockpit of a plane in search of some sweet, sweet phone juice? Uh… maybe.

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Whether or not constant phone use has irrevocably damaged my own psyche, it has certainly had an impact on a man who was removed from a flight from Mumbai to Kolkata while the plane was preparing for takeoff. In a statement to news agency ANI, airline IndiGo said that “an unruly passenger tried to enter the cockpit saying that his mobile needs to be charged” and that the captain “initiated the offloading of the passenger on grounds of a security violation“.

Once removed, the passenger was handed over to police. Speaking to newspaper The Hindu, police said that the man of roughly 35 years of age was drunk and confirmed that he attempted to enter the cockpit to charge his phone, but was released because he was not found to have committed an offence.

My advice? At the very least, knock politely on the door before attempting to enter the cockpit of the plane you are on. (Editor’s note: do not under any circumstances attempt to enter the cockpit of the plane you are on.)

Also charge your phone before you get on the plane.