Man Films His Own Downfall In Slow-Mo As Owl Attacks His Head At Healesville Sanctuary

A visitor at Victoria’s Healesville Sanctuary got a little more than he bargained for when a giant owl swooped him during a show on Sunday.

Luke Willington was enjoying a Sunday afternoon trip the sanctuary when a barking owl decided to give him the VIP meet-and-greet experience during the “Spirits of the Sky” show.

In footage shared on Reddit, the huge beast swoops the cameraman in an insane close-up shot. According to Reddit users, Millie the Owl gets this close with people on a regular basis, but Willington had no idea he was about to be her next victim.

“I had no way of knowing it was coming straight for me,” he exclusively told

The unsuspecting camera man was testing out the slow-motion feature on his iPhone when Millie decided to get in his face.  Although the bird “barely touched” him, the story is still enough to give me nightmares.

“I was testing out slow-mo on my phone, so I was just more focused on getting the right shot.”

Friend was watching the owl show at Healesville Sanctuary today. Got closer to the action than he was expecting. from r/australia

“It was coming straight at me but it sort of like swooped up slightly grazing the top of my phone and my head,” Luke told us.

Yep. File that straight under “Fuck No” because birds are gross and fucked and I would drop dead if a bird ever got this close to me.

But Luke’s quiet weekend trip to the sanctuary has gone semi-viral online, with over 4000 upvotes on Reddit in less than 24 hours. Ahh, Reddit sure does love a fucked Australian story, doesn’t it?

“In her defence, Millie’s job is pretty repetitive, and scaring the shit out of a tourist is the bright spot in her otherwise dull day,” a Reddit user rushed to the defence of Millie the Owl

The ordeal was apparently over in about four seconds, leaving a very confused Willington wondering what the heck had happened.

“It was so quick that I didn’t realise what was happening, all I knew was that it had hit my head,” he said”I had no time to react but the slow-mo caught every single moment.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am about to go have some horrific nightmares about this fucked up bird. Good night.