The Prime Creator of Earth, or someone who claims he is, has crashed a press conference in Sydney to hand out a cease and desist letter. Not a sentence I thought I’d write this week, but here we are.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller was speaking to the press on Monday morning when a bearded man who only identified himself as the “Prime Creator of this Earth” joined the presser and asked Fuller: “Did you receive my notice of cease and desist?”

In his hand was a folder, which housed another copy of his letter. The man approached the podium and tried to hand Fuller the cease and desist, but the police chief wasn’t having a bar of it.

“Don’t come near me,” Fuller warned.

“I am the Prime Creator of this Earth,” he said, as he was led away by cops. “I am the -“

He never got to finish his spiel, as the ABC’s coverage of the presser cut back to its morning host Joe O’Brien frantically making the “cut” motion to the camera. Just the full neck-chopping motion at about 100km/hr.

What the bearded man wrote in the cease and desist remains a mystery to viewers. NSW Police have not identified the man, or shared if he has any mental health issues.

Believe it or not, that’s not the strangest thing that happened during the presser. Just moments before the bearded man stormed it, Fuller revealed two other men had been charged for breaching NSW’s restrictions yesterday.

Wait for it – the men had been sun bathing naked on the South Coast when they were startled by a deer. So they legged it into bushland and got lost. After much searching, police found one man in the nude on the walking track near Lady Wakehurst Drive. His mate, also partially naked, was eventually found too.

They were fined $1000 each.

In chronological order – for those keeping track – that’s the Sydney lockdown, nude men startled by deer, and the ‘Prime Creator of this Earth’ serving the NSW Police Commissioner a cease and desist.

Image: ABC, Twitter / @Qldaah