If you’re in court, facing murder charges over the death of UK Labour MP Jo Cox, it’s highly likely “what’s your name?” is the easiest question you’d be facing all day.

Nevertheless, Thomas Mair, the man accused of shooting Cox on Thursday, may have found a way to answer in the least productive way possible.

That’s because the 52-year-old used the opportunity to tell the court his name is “death to traitors, freedom for Britain.”

That outburst also comes after eyewitnesses reported Mair yelling “Britain first!” during the attack. 

According to one narrative, both statements are important – and pretty bloody damning – considering the political positions of both Cox and Mair.

The former used her time in office to advocate for the rights of refugees and was a proponent of the UK remaining a member of the EU; Mair was an avowed supporter of the far-right group Britain First who propose the UK strikes out on its own.

Earlier, Nazi paraphernalia was recovered from Mair’s home, and it’s also known he had previously obtained literature from US neo-Nazi groups, casting his political ideologies in a dim light. 

Many groups on either side of the much-anticipated referendum on the UK’s continued EU membership, which is slated for June 23, postponed their campaigning following Cox’s death as a sign of respect. 

Mair was remanded in custody, and will face court again on Monday. 

Source: BBC / The Guardian. 
Photo: Dan Kitwood / Getty.