#MalcolmTVShows Is The Political Pun Game We Never Knew We Needed

The ABC last night had back-to-back programmes with a #Libspill flavour:

First, The 7:30 Report with Malcolm Turnbull live in the studio…

…followed by Australian Story’s The Making of Malcolm

…followed by Four Corner’s Dethroning Tony Abbott

…followed by Media Watch‘s spill coverage breakdown…

…followed by a Q&A panel of just Bill Shorten

…followed by simultaneous Australia-wide death-by-yawning 15 minutes later.

But it all worked out for the ABC very nicely; Mumbrella reported on their ratings boost this morning.

Then one witty commenter pointed out that the ABC should do ONLY Malcolm-themed TV shows, which Mumbrella deputy editor Nic Christensen tweeted out, and the rest is history, folks, because Aussies on Twitter fucking love politics, and they fucking love a good pun:

ENTER #MalcolmTVShows

[Full disclosure: that last one’s mine. I pun, therefore I am.]

The hashtag’s still trending like crazy, if you wanna get amongst it.

Picture: The Simpsons / Stefan Postles via Getty Images.