‘Making A Murderer’ Creators Coming To Oz To Answer All Your Burning Qs

In a special event that’s part of the SMH Spectrum Now Festival (presented by ANZ) we may soon have all of our ‘Making A Murderer‘-related questions answered. Well, except *that* one. You know the one. 

The creators of ‘Making A Murderer‘, Laura Riccardi and Moira Demos will be appearing at The Star Event Centre for one appearance only, to talk to Charlie Pickering. In front of people. People like you. People like us. YEEEEEEES FAM. 
The event is Denos & Riccardi‘s first-ever appearance in our fair country, and it’s their first-ever festival appearance worldwide. 
They’ll obviously be chatting about the insane 10-year journey they went on while filming ‘MaM‘, and what it’s like being first timer filmmakers creating a crazy-popular series. 
Hopefully they’ll take questions, because our biggie is WHEN IS MORE HAPPENING GIVE US MORE PLEASE WHEN WHEN WHEN GIVE US.
Tickets for the March 10 event go on sale next week, so this be the link to continuously refresh until your fingers bleed: spectrumnow.com.au/events/making-a-murderer-in-conversation-with-charlie-pickering

Source: SpectrumNow.