A Magistrate Went Off On Eastern Sydney’s Rampant Rack Habits During A Socialite’s Sentencing

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

A Sydney magistrate popped off at what he sees as the eastern suburb’s rampant nose beer habit, claiming it’s become part of the “social fabric” of the community. Case in point: he made these comments during a hearing for a socialite who was busted allegedly buying coke during lockdown.

Magistrate Ross Hudson slammed Sydney’s rampant cocaine use while handing down his sentence to eyebrow queen Kristin Fisher at Waverley Local Court on Wednesday. Fisher was busted allegedly buying cocaine in a drug dealer’s car in July.

“People who justify their cocaine usage as socially acceptable or as part the social fabric… it is not,” Magistrate Hudson said, as reported by Daily Mail Australia.

“It is a criminal, illegal drug. It is a stain on our community.”

The magistrate said he’s been seeing these kinds of drug-related offences “almost daily” and that they have sadly become part of the “social fabric” of Sydney’s east.

Kristin Fisher appeared in court to have her criminal conviction overturned after she failed to show up for her court date two weeks ago.

The mother-of-two was charged with drug possession after being found in the passenger seat of a drug dealer’s Kia Rio on July 17.

After “frantically” attempting to exit the vehicle and evade police, she was stopped and the coppers found two bags of white powder at her feet.

Fisher’s criminal conviction was annulled on Wednesday so that she would have a chance to plead her case.

Appearing in court on Wednesday, Fisher said she made a “dreadful mistake” and recounted feeling ashamed after being busted by police.

“I remember going home and sitting in silence for hours and I was deeply embarrassed,” she told the magistrate. “I have vowed I will never do it again.”

Magistrate Ross Hudson allowed Fisher to enter a guilty plea, and read two character references tendered to the court.

He accepted the guilty plea and said no conviction would be recorded if Fisher displayed good behaviour for six months.

She must pay $1,500 in fines, including $1,000 for breaching COVID lockdown orders.

“Your reputation is what you’re riding on,” he told Fisher. “In terms of who you are and what you do, it’s about your reputation.

“Not withstanding the years and years to build your reputation it takes seconds to destroy it. Hopefully you can now reflect on that.”

Fisher is a well-known and highly regarded beautician who has built an eyebrow empire called Kristin Fisher Eyebrows. She boasts 19.5k followers on Instagram and 46.1k followers on her business Insta.