Maccas Tries To One-Up All Day Breakfast With Bacon, Salsa ‘Loaded Fries’

Earlier this week, Maccas announced that all Australians would enjoy hash browns and mcmuffins past 10am by February 2016
Today, forever to live in the shadow of that former news, Maccas has revealed they’re rolling out ~ all new ~ ‘loaded fries’ with two sauce options. Go to your nearest if you wanna try, ’cause they’re available now. 
The dips, should you choose to have them all over your chips are …
~ classic ~
Mark Lollback, the Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s Australia says:

“By adding guac and salsa, as well as bacon and cheese sauce to our fries, we’re following a trend our customers started. While our Fries are delicious by themselves, for a long time now Aussies have been experimenting with them, dunking and dipping them in everything from ketchup to our Soft Serve.
“Now we’re helping our customers with their fry flavour experiments by giving them world first toppings to bring their Fries to life with. I’m sure Loaded Fries are going to be a hit this Summer, and can’t wait to see how Aussies embrace them.”
While we’re sceptical of any attempt to make a great thing even greater, we can kinda see how the bacon and cheese sauce might elevate its salt flavour profile, a craving when we’re hungover af.
On the other hand, who really goes into Maccas to expand their palate?
Photo: Supplied.