Macca’s has reportedly had to cut their opening hours in stores across the country, which makes my greasy heart weep tears of salty, oily meat juice.

According to, a McDonald’s spokesperson revealed that some stores across the country have had to reduce their opening hours because staff have had to go into iso.

“We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding as we continue to prioritise health and safety during these times,” they told the outlet.

Per, a sign at McDonald’s Blaxland branch in the Blue Mountains noted that they were open from 6AM to 11PM “due to unforeseen circumstances”. That’s depressingly funny when you remember that health experts literally foresaw this kind of a surge happening in New South Wales but were ignored by Premier Dominic Perrottet at the time.

The heartbreaking — or heart-saving depending on your cholesterol levels — news comes after KFC was left offering a limited menu after supply chain disruptions of their finger-licking chicky dins.

Honestly, if you weren’t aware that workplaces are experiencing major staff shortages right now due to Omicron then you’re either a self-employed billionaire or Rocco the rock.

A quick trip down your local Woolies or Coles will remind you that the higher beings have decided to repeat the panic buying plot of season one of the pandemic, which frankly feels like weak writing even if the country falling into a wee crisis was preventable.

In response to staff shortages in the healthcare sector, the New South Wales government allowed COVID-positive healthcare workers to return to work so long as they are asymptomatic. The state’s transport system is also operating under a weekend schedule after several of its bus and train drivers were told to isolate.

The saddest thing about all that? I can’t mentally process it by chowing down an Oreo McFlurry with french fries and a choccy-milk thick shake. Truly these are trying times, folks.

Image: Getty Images / [Bloomberg]