Yeah, That’s Stuck

Probably one of the better things about working here at P.TV is that when something goes wrong, rarely does it cause major traffic issues on the M1. Whatever I do, however bad my mistake, it is highly unlikely to make an impact on the flow of cars and trucks passing along the Pacific Motorway. This is, unfortunately, not true of the driver of a truck hauling a very wide load down a major M1 off-ramp just west of Newcastle in the early hours of this morning.

While it might be somewhat difficult to imagine how anyone could have looked at the width of that road and made the decision to give it a go anyway, an AAP report indicates that it happened after the load “shifted” — although I would imagine it would have to be a very substantial shift to get it from a position where wouldn’t be a problem to the one that it is presently in.

According to Live Traffic NSW, the operation to remove the truck and its load is set to continue until past 8pm this evening, up to which point it will continue to block the off-ramp to Newcastle Link Road heading east.

Live Traffic NSW has very helpfully suggested that, as an alternate route, you can travel via George Booth Drive.

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