Truck Full Of Lynx Explodes On A Highway, Which Is Grim News For Year 8 PE

In news that will come as a deep shock to every Year 8 PE class across the globe, a truck transporting a shipment of Lynx bodyspray exploded on a Texas highway, dispersing hundreds upon hundreds of cans and probably the general smell of male pubescence.

Of course, because this happened in Texas, they were branded Axe, not Lynx. But for the benefit of speaking to an Australian audience, I’m going to say Lynx. We all know Lynx, right? Of course you know Lynx. The scent of Lynx haunts your nose like a vengeful ghost forever.

According to local news station KCEN, no injuries were reported when the truck blew the hell up on Interstate 35, which is pretty lucky considering what the fire looked like. What did the fire look like, you ask? Allow me to show you:

There’s no word on what he general area smelled like at the time – or whether the explosion attracted a sea of gorgeous busty babes like in the ads – but it’s safe to assume the atmosphere in about a thirty kilometre radius carried the rich and compelling scent of Lynx Africa.

The highway was shut down for hours while crews cleaned up the absolute apocalypse of deodorant cans. We can safely assume that somewhere in Texas there is a teen boy weeping, his plans to get lucky that evening absolutely crushed as he is forced to resort to using his dad’s can of Rexona Sport.

Vale, sweet prince.