Sydney Aquarium Share Videos Of Loved-Up Boy Penguins & Perfection Truly Exists

IMPORTANT FRIDAY ANIMAL NEWS, FRIENDS: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour have a pair of gay gentoo penguins in the care, and they are every bit as wholesome and gorgeous as you hoped.

The feathered swimmy boys, Sphen The Penguin and Magic The Penguin, are very much loved-up, even building a nest together for their eggs!!

In one video Sphenny Boy gifts Magic a heart-shaped stone, which is apparently how penguins profess their love for one another. It’s presumably become a part of their shared ice pebble nesting ring.

So the boys – who cannot lay their own eggs – didn’t feel left out as the boring hetero couples got down to incubating business, they were given a dummy egg, alternating between keeping egg bb warm, and acting as bodyguard, keeping everyone tf away from his fake babis and his nest, GET OUTTA HERE.

Apparently they got so good at playing parents the Aquarium nicked a real bb penguin egg from a couple with two and gave them to the boys.

Here’s what an Aquarium spokesperson said:

Whilst Sphen is older and is excellent at incubating, Magic is younger and still mastering his skill. The pair make a great team, and there are often days where the egg cannot be seen (which is really good for penguin breeding!).

Here’s another video, where the couple come as close to holding hands as you can when you’ve only got fins:

Conclusion: penguin love is pure and good.