Love Island 2017 alumni Theo Campbell has been blinded while holidaying in Ibiza after a champagne cork split his right eye open.

Theo took to Instagram to share the news and thank everyone for their well-wishes.

“So yeah basically 2 eye surgeries later after a really unfortunate accident, I’ve lost all vision in my right eye as it got split in half, who would have thought a champagne cork would be the end of me.”

“But I still have 1 eye left, looking at the bright side of things…. if anyone knows where sells cool eye patches let me know :).

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He later shared the news that regaining vision in his right eye was “unlikely”.

His girlfriend and fellow Love Island alumni Kaz Crossley posted about the ordeal on her Instagram story.

“No here speaks English and he was taken for hours at one point, and I had no clue he was in surgery again.”

“I hope this will make people aware of the dangers at these parties and to be more careful.”

Remember to be safe when partying, and to be careful when opening bubbly.

Here’s to a speedy recovery, Theo.

Image: Instagram / @theo_campbell91