LOVE IS A LIE: The “Biggest Loser” Finale Wedding Wasn’t Even A Bit Legal

The Telco‘s in Perth might have overloaded and we have no idea exactly how many of you watched The Biggest Loser finale last night, but given previous ratings and everyone’s general voracious appetite for a good reality finale, it’s safe to say that a fair few of you did.

And therefore you all saw the ~super romantic~ ending, in which contestant Rob Jofre got down on one knee, proposed to his partner Emma Hamilton, and promptly got married on the spot after a quick costume change.
Jofre had previous proposed to Hamilton nearly a decade ago, but had decided against walking down the aisle at his current size. He made the promise before going on the show that if he reached his goal weight, he would finally pop the question for real. And thus, some 59.3kgs of weight loss later, the moment finally arrived.
The pair tied the knot on Channel Ten‘s wildly popular series, and were rewarded with an all-expenses-paid honeymoon to Hawaii.
And then the credits rolled as confetti rained down on the now-married couple and it was all sweet and nice an-HANG ON A MINUTE.
The ceremony performed in this program was for dramatic purposes only and not intended to constitute marriage under the law.
Honestly, trust someone named “Jofre” to pull some straight-up shenanigans like this.
Love is a goddamned lie, y’all.
Photo: Imgur.