Punters Walk Out As Louis CK Makes Another Unannounced Return To Stand-Up

A month after courting controversy with his re-emergence into the public eye, Louis CK has made another unannounced return to the stand-up comedy stage, dropping in to New York’s famed Comedy Cellar and causing multiple paying punters to walk out on the show immediately.

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CK dropped into the Comedy Cellar in Manhattan on Sunday night (US time) to perform on the late night show, taking to the stage at around midnight. Audio captured at the show reveals the crowd once again gave him a raucous, extended reception, mirroring the standing ovation he received at the same club a month ago.

In a since-deleted Twitter post, one punter at the show described CK’s new material as “just as bas as [his] old.”

Once again, CK did not directly address his #MeToo controversies but did jokingly reference his relatively minuscule time away from the spotlight, reportedly stating “I’ve been off for a while, because everybody needs a break.”

An undisclosed amount of audience members – all women – walked out of the show upon CK’s arrival on-stage; since his last appearance, the club has instituted what it calls a “Swim at Your Own Risk” policy, which stipulates patrons can ask for a refund should an unannounced performer make them uncomfortable, provided they do so quietly; a disclaimer on each Comedy Cellar ticket now reads “If an unannounced appearance is not your cup of tea, you are free to leave (unobtrusively please) no questions asked, your check on the house.

Louis CK has spent just 11 months on the sidelines following a litany of allegations from women – all of which he admitted to – detailing a raft of gross sexual misconduct, which included masturbating in front of them without consent.

The Comedy Cellar issued a statement after the set, stating they don’t believe CK will return to the club “any time soon.

Sunday’s set came just weeks after fellow comedian Ted Alexandro tore strips off Louis CK on the same Comedy Cellar stage.