The sea is home to a world of nasty, slimy, bitey animals who exist only to murder us (and thus should be avoided at all costs imho) but there is one ocean dweller who is always welcome to visit our shores for a quick g’day, the noble Sea Lion.

One such cuddly fella has done just that earlier today in the South Australian town of Port MacDonnell, popping out of the nippy surf for a stroll around the nearby streets.

Here he is on the driveway of a local family, no doubt greeting his new friends with a “howdy ho” or whatever the sea lion equivalent is… probably some kind of guttural noise:

“GRUUUUWWWWWPP” or some shit.

Here’s your new best sea-friend trying to hug a couple of buds:

And look here he is mistaking a white car for a new lover and then serenading this random stick:

And finally here’s your precious baby boi bobbing along the neighbours yard, spreading joy and love to all he encountered:

Alls well that end’s well for our lil’ angelcake, with The Advertiser reporting Mr Sea Lion was gently farewelled back from whence he came.

SEA LIONS: They’re just, the fucking best.


Source: The Advertiser
Image: Channel 7 Adelaide.