Los Angeles is being scorched at the moment thanks to some fairly unprecedented wildfires that are currently overrunning some of the wealthier, more-celebrity filled areas of the city, forcing mass evacuations. Thus far, a string of fires in southern California has burned through a significant amount of land. But it’s the smaller (comparatively) of the blazes that’s currently torching its way through the exclusive Bel-Air region, threatening scores of celebrity homes including that of News Corp boss and noted climate change denier, Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch’s 16-acre Morgana Vineyards estate in the ritzy region is reportedly under extreme threat from the blaze. Local NBC news coverage had previously reported that Murdoch’s house was on fire, but that status has since been downgraded to “still standing” for the time being.

Murdoch purchased the opulent home – built in 1939 during Hollywood’s golden age – in 2013 for the princely sum of US$30million.

Footage from the fires is intensely hectic, with commuters snapping footage of flames licking the hills that line Los Angeles’ ubiquitous freeways.

Noted people including the likes of Chrissy Teigan and Chelsea Handler have been evacuated from their homes, as the mandatory evacuation zone expands into up-market regions of the LA hills.

As for Murdoch’s house, given that it’s a property owned by a man who once tweeted this…

…people are having some mixed feelings.

Realistically, it’s about best summed up by this.

Like… it’s an awful fire and loss of property is universally devastating no matter the circumstances.

But still.

Source: LA Times
Image: Getty Images / Drew Angerer