Loose Unit Rips Bong Outside Bondi Maccas, Keeps It Effortlessly Classy

Nothing says ‘I’ve got my shit well and truly together and my five-year life plan sorted’ like standing barefoot outside a Maccas in the middle of the day and taking a few hits off your trusty bong. 

With that in mind, old mate (pictured below) is an example to us all, and it’s probably about time to start a petition to get his sunglass-covered face onto our currency, because he’s true national hero.
Local resident Simon Hancock saw the man hitting the bong – which, for all we know, could contain tobacco, who are we to say? – outside Bondi Beach McDonald’s at 11am yesterday, and shared it with paper of record The Daily Telegraph.
Hancock said:

“He was leaning up against the wall and blatantly smoking a bong in front of the public. Everyone looked at him as they walked past, including the kid I photographed. He was surrounded by weekend shoppers who were doing their best to ignore him.”
A NSW police spokeswoman said that no official reports had been made to them, presumably while slowly shaking her head and frowning; she encouraged members of the public to tell them about this sort of thing “as soon as possible.” 
Photo: Simon Hancock.
Source: Daily Telegraph.