Just to preface this article – let’s just prepare ourselves and really take a moment to acknowledge that there is eight – goddamn – weeks of campaigning coming our way. 

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced last week that the federal election is happening on July 2nd, to add the global laughing stock that is the Aussie roundabout of constantly changing government. Honestly, how do we as a country even have the time or energy? We must get up very early in the morning. 

If we’re overwhelmed and exhausted just thinking about the next eight weeks, then we would think that current Liberal member for Warringah / former Prime Minister Tony Abbott must be fooking knackered. 

But apparently not, because he was up extremely early this morning handing out flyers to those crazy people on public transport at 4:30am AKA earlybird commuters in his electorate at Manly Wharf

It’s good to be at Manly Wharf on day 1 of the Federal Election campaign. @liberalpartynsw @liberalaus

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Poor Tone. At least it looks like he has some mates in the Insta photo.

The comments on the Facebook post with the same image are kinda 50/50, coming from both supporters, and the vast amount of Abbott-haters who have consistently and passionately trolled his page ever since his fall from grace only 8 short months ago. 

There’s also a handful of Liberal voters that are demanding that Abbott must remove all ‘leftist elements’ from the party (??????) before locking down their vote.

Many have noticed the stark comparison of Abbott’s last campaign trail to this one: 

Labor leader Bill Shorten and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have begun their campaign trail too. 

Shorten touched down in Cairns this morning to talk about education and Gonski funding, and Turnbull picked up some watermelons at the Brisbane Markets.

For good measure, let’s revisit one of the greatest #AusPol videos of all time, in which an anonymous national hero clearly calls our then-PM a dickhead in a supermarket:

Source: Facebook / SMH

Photo: Twitter / @BevanShields.