Cheeky pooches are the best kind of pooch – even if they do terrible, frustrating things, they give you puppy eyes and it’s truly impossiblé to be angry with them anymore. PRECIOUS ANGELS. 

This pooch, however, is in a league of her own. Her name is Honey, and just wants to get outta her backyard and explore. 

Look At This A+ Houdini Doggo Who Has $4K In Fines For Her Daring Escapes

She lives with her owner Justin Brow in Bellingen, NSW

Justin’s spent many years and many $$$ dog-proofing his backyard, but Honey keeps escaping somehow, and has now racked up a whopping $4000 in council fines doing it. 

“She’s the canine equivalent of Houdini. And my yard is like Fort Knox!”

No matter what Justin does, Honey somehow gets out. 

“There’s a feeling I get sometimes, that she turns into smoke and re-forms on the other side of the fence. I’ve had dogs since I was four years old, but this dog is different.

She’ll sit and look, and you can see that she’s reasoning, trying to find a weak spot.

There are times when she’s been contained in the enclosed verandah and she’s dug up the floorboards.”

Justin’s had to set up a payment plan with his local council to deal with all the fines Honey has gotten him, but he’s getting understandably pissed off. 

“[The ranger] doesn’t do anything about getting her off the streets. He just takes a photo from his car and I get a printout attached to a fine. I understand he’s got his responsibility, but this is simply revenue-raising.

He could quite easily give me a buzz and I’d happily come and get her. That would be entirely reasonable.

There’s a different way he could be doing his job, that reflects Bellingen’s sense of community.”

Poor bugger. 

HONEY, BEHAVE PLS. Such a cheeky doggo. 

Look At This A+ Houdini Doggo Who Has $4K In Fines For Her Daring Escapes

But there’s good news: apparently Honey‘s constant exploratory missions were because she desperately wanted to socialise (omg, same). 

So, plans are now in the works to make her an official therapy dog at local aged care facility in Bellingen, called Bellorana

Apparently she’s already spent a few days at the facility – the feedback was super positive, and Justin says they may actually adopt Honey full-time:

“There’s talk of [Bellorana] actually adopting her full-stop, though my family will still hang out with her.

It’s going to be a really good outcome.”

Look At This A+ Houdini Doggo Who Has $4K In Fines For Her Daring Escapes

Source: ABC

Photo: Bellingen Courier.