This QLD Koala Live Stream Will Put A Little Sunshine In Your Blergh Week

In these confusing and scary times, I’ve found animal live-streams to be the (vegan) chicken soup for the soul I need. The world is terrible, doorknobs are poison, but watching koalas munch on a few eucalyptus leaves? Heaven.

Queensland’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is here to help remind you of all the good that’s happening outside of your isolation zone (my new nickname for my bedroom). So if you can’t visit koalas right now, they are bringing them to you!

Lone Pine are live-streaming a few one-year-old gals via YouTube who are chilling in trees, eating treats, taking naps and looking cute. Basically, koalas doing what we all should be doing right now. We have plenty to learn from them. 

They have been koala live-streaming for about 20 hours now. You can watch it here:

I have had the koala live-stream on in the background while I work and have only cried from the cuteness overload a few times (I cannot bear it). I have ignored FaceTimes from my loved ones because I would rather FaceTime with the koalas, who I am as invested in as the MAFS cast at this point.

But on a serious note, I found this koala live-stream to be a really sweet way to calm my mind in what otherwise has been a sad and stressful week for most of us. I encourage you to watch for a while. This live stream is koalafied to make you happy (sorry, not sorry).