Londoners Are Insanely Furious Over A Tiny Change To Bus Announcements

Ahhhhh London, the place where even the transport is trying to kill you.

Recently, Transport for London (TfL) made a small update to its bus announcements. It had such good intentions… It failed miserably. Basically, TfL introduced a new phrase to warn passengers that the bus was about to move – several seconds after the bus was moving.

And the Brits? They’re apoplectic. Just another example of a useless public transport system (that’s still arguably better than, like, 95 percent of the world’s transport systems. I’m no transport expert but I believe this to be true).

In some instances, it appears the warning has been announced while people are still boarding the bus. Oh, the humanity.

Some people are angry at these announcements for just existing altogether, which is understandable but also wow, rude.

That being said, people with disabilities have praised the announcements (when they’re working properly, obvs).

Anyway,  please spare a thought for the TfL social media manager, who is spending their day responding to the same angry messages on repeat.

Hopefully the trial will right this grievance post-haste. Either that, or everyone in London is gifted earplugs and/or therapy to deal with the never-ending nightmare.