London’s Fire Brigade Is Politely Urging People To Call Fires In *Before* Filming Them

London Fire Brigade asking people to call in fires before filming them on their phones.

Alright, before you read this, I would like you to make me a promise. If you wish to continue, I want you to guarantee me that you’re not going to go away from this and make some extremely tedious art where like, say, someone is chained to their iPhone (get it?) or there’s a bunch of zombies but they’re all using smartphones or a Dreadful Millennial is standing in front of the Mona Lisa but taking a selfie or whatever. I simply could not bear the thought.

[jwplayer XdHG2Ii5]

In saying that, doesn’t seem great that the London Fire Brigade feels compelled to let people know that they should probably call emergency services before deciding to take a video of the house that’s burning down in front of them.

Putting aside the whole ‘people love filming awful things that are happening’ bit, the London Fire Brigade is also stressing that you should call a fire in if you see no emergency vehicles at the scene — even if there’s a chance that someone else might have called it in. As they explain, the number of reports about a given fire are used to measure its severity, so it will be useful even if they already know about it.

The future, what a trip.