Peter Drew is an Adelaide street artist, ready to help stir up some positive change and help ‘Straya remember that multiculturalism totally rules.

Adelaideans have probably already noticed Drew’s new project up around the CBD walls – it’s about Aussie attitudes towards asylum seekers and consists of big posters boasting the words ‘Real Australians Say Welcome’. As part of his ongoing plan to erect 1000 posters in Aussie capital cities, he’s posting his message around Sydney-town as we speak:

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One of the Kings Cross erections.
The project was inspired by the second verse of our own national anthem, which Drew implies may have been forgotten just a teeny weeny bit: “For those who’ve come across the seas / We’ve boundless plains to share / With courage let us all combine / To advance Australia fair”

Does anyone remember the most important lines from the national anthem? #peterdrew #straya #realaustralianssaywelcome

Peter told old mates over at SBS that he believes the project will be able to help Aussies in “discussing what it really means to be Australian and embracing one of the greatest things about that, which is our multiculturalism.”

We had our own chat with Pete (we’re mates now) and he said re: how the project began, and what he hopes to achieve: 

In the planning, this project was just about encouraging ordinary Australians to welcome asylum seekers, but now that I’ve started I realise that this project is also about reassuring asylum seekers that are already here that we welcome them. I think integration is a two-way street and it would be totally counterproductive to make an entire section of the community feel isolated.

Pete managed to get the project up and running via a Pozible crowd-funding campaign; his summary said he’d need around $2800 to create the posters and for transport around our giant country to get them up on wallz. He also pledged to donate any excess funds to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and Welcome to Australia, as they assist asylum seekers directly.
In the end his Pozible campaign got $8300+ of donated cash money – it’s now finished, but you can also purchase a range of his posters if you wanna be a good dude by lending your support to asylum seekers, and donate some extra $$$ – so Sydney, keep your eyes peeled.  

Everywhere else, keep your eyes on Peter’s Facebook and Instagram to see where he and his posters will hit up next or just to chuck some support his way.

Image via Facebook.