Literally Gird Yr Loins, ‘Cos Antibiotic-Resistant Super-Gonorrhoea Is Here

The World Health Organisation has some bad news for anyone who likes a bit of franger-free fun: gonorrhoea, a super-common sexually transmitted disease that can cause infertility (and other bad times), is rapidly becoming antibiotic-resistant.
In fact, according to the WHO, at least three people worldwide already have completely treatment-resistant gonorrhoea. The organisation is calling for more research and development into new antibiotics, and the issue has seen antibiotic resistance become a hot topic at this year’s G20 summit.
To which I think we can all say: FINALLY. Antibiotic resistance has been happening for a while; it’s about time we started sorting that shit out. Particularly when it comes to an STI that looks like a pair of angry bollocks and will fuck up your reproductive system for good.
According to Teodora Wi, a WHO specialist:
“Gonorrhoea is a very smart bug. Every time you introduce a new type of antibiotic to treat it, this bug develops resistance to it.”

About 78 million people get gonorrhoea every year, and with numbers like that, the three unlucky souls who’ve got the ultra-resistant cases are likely to have company pretty soon.
Now’s just as good time as any to remind you to wrap that shit up before you’re getting down. I mean it. Go buy some rubbers. Now.
Source: The Age
Image: Mean Girls.