On the third anniversary of the tragedy that’s come to be known as the Lindt Café siege, a permanent floral memorial has been unveiled in Sydney‘s Martin Place.

Just metres from where barrister Katrina Dawson and café manager Tori Johnson were killed during a 17-hour siege by Man Haron Monis in 2014, more than 200 flowers in mirrored cubes have been installed in the pavement.


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The artwork, which reflects the handcrafted flowers during the day and illuminates them from above by night, serves as an enduring tribute to the two victims who lost their lives.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian unveiled the memorial today, saying in her address:

No Australian will ever forget the heartbreaking events that unfolded at Martin Place three years ago, but none more so than the loved ones of Tori and Katrina – two young, wonderful Australians killed by an act of evil and terror.

We gather to dedicate a permanent memorial to the victims to ensure that Australians today, and for generations to come, will always understand and reflect what took place.

This memorial draws strength from its beauty and simplicity. It says more than we could do with words alone. It will indeed be a place to reflect.

The work, titled Reflection,  was created by Professor Richard Johnson and artist Jess Dare, and reflects the thousands of floral tributes that were left in Martin Place in the days following the siege.

During the unveiling ceremony, two bunches of flowers were given to the families of the victims: blue hydrangeas, Katrina Dawson’s favourites, and yellow sunflowers, Tori Johnson’s favourites. These flowers also make up the centrepiece of the artwork.

It’s been announced that both victims will receive medals of bravery at a later date. Mr Johnson is to receive a Star of Courage, and Ms Dawson will receive a Bravery Medal.

Our thoughts are with their families and friends today.

Source: 9 News
Image: Instagram / @josieroze