Lindsay Lohan Cooks It, Dresses As Charles Manson Murder Victim On His B’Day

Lindsay Lohan has always been quite the character. For those of us who eagerly devoured her ~docu-series~, we’re familiar with tantrums, diva demands, tense familial relations, and interesting takes on truth-telling…
But Lindsay is one who never fails to surprise, and this new Insta-post brings. It.
At a glance, it looks pretty normal, right?
Like, cool, LiLo’s standing around in some thigh-highs and should really get someone to tidy up, right? Nothing too special.
Nothing too special at all, until you notice the caption:
What’s… what’s goin’ on here, Linds?
So okay, this is a photo of Lindsay Lohan, dressed as the late Sharon Tate. I mean, sure. I guess that’s fine. It’s a little odd, but Lindsay’s a little odd.
Until you put on your detective hat, and discover this: 
Lindsay Lohan is dressed in her Sharon Tate #themeLOOK on the birthday of the man who orchestrated her murder. Is this a coincidence? Is she attending a poor-taste costume party? Is this her way of paying tribute to Tate on this day?
Some mysteries will never be solved.