Lily Allen Just Released Her Own Womanizer Sex Toy And That Is, Quite Literally, A Vibe

Queen of my heart, Lily Allen, has teamed up with sex toy fave Womanizer to release her very own plaything called Liberty. And, she’s just been announced as the company’s new ambassador, or Chief Liberation Officer. You love to see it.

As Chief Liberation Officer, Lily has taken the charge on Womanizer’s new #IMasturbate campaign, raising awareness for sex positivity, female masturbation, and sexual empowerment.

Credit: Womanizer. 

“Sexual empowerment to me means taking power and ownership of your own pleasure,” Lily said.

“[It’s about] feeling able and willing to communicate your wants, needs, and desires in a non-shameful way.”

I don’t know about you, but growing up I felt – because of what I saw in the media and what was taught to me – that there was so much stigma attached to female masturbation. It was shameful, y’know? And embarrassing, and taboo, and something we had to keep a secret.

That’s what Lily, along with Womanizer, are trying to change – they want to make sex toys, touching yourself, and orgasms normal, as they should be.

“As with everything, until you’re ready to have these conversations in a public way, then they’re always going to stay a taboo subject,” Lily said.

“That’s how we normalise things, by normalising them and talking about them without shame, fear, or guilt. And we’re doing it right now.”

Lily’s relationship with Womanizer began when she wrote about the toy in her Sunday Times best-selling memoir My Thoughts Exactly. 

In the memoir, Lily talked about discovering her own sexual pleasure. And that’s how she came across Womanizer.

She wrote, “If I had to pick one vibrator above all the others, I recommend Womanizer.”

And now we have the Liberty.

Credit: Womanizer.

The Liberty is small, lightweight, stylish, and it has six levels of intensity. It’s also 100% waterproof, if you want to take it into the bath with you.

As you might already know, Womanizer uses revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology which stimulates the clit with gentle air waves. It’s next level pleasure.

“[It’s] completely different”, Lily said.

“Womanizer can give you an orgasm within a short time and even multiple ones.”

The Liberty also comes with a magnetic cap so it’s travel-safe and slips easily into your bag.

Together, the team created brand new packaging for the Liberty and a fabulously bold colour scheme for the toy itself.

It’s very, very cute.

Womanizer’s Liberty by Lily Allen costs $149.99, and you can check out all the details right here.