How good are animals doing intrinsically human things. Ahh yes, I love seeing those cute little creatures participating in activities that humans normally do. Surfing bulldogs, puppies on motorbikes with googles on, literally any animal in a hat – sign me the fuck up.
This skateboarding cat? Bloody love him. 

This cat, he gives no fucks. He’ll skate right past, make eye contact with you for a split second, and then roll on to talk to all the cooler cats that are hanging around the skate park.

He’s the kinda dude who will be your unattainable crush because he’s cool and trendy, and you’re just a simple gal who may have put two boots of different colours on this morning and didn’t realise until it was too late.

George, the Cool Cat™, would absolutely call his mum once a week, and buy all his little siblings tiny Thrasher shirts for their birthdays.
I’m very sorry folks, but George has already found his soulmate – and it’s someone who he can go skating with on the weekends.

The general consensus though, is that the second pic of Cool George being tuff as shit on his skateboard is all of us, cruising into the tail-end of the week.

I’m waiting for George the Kitten to be a secret unlockable character in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, tbh.
Photo: Twitter / @ericacaclaire.