After a bloody tumultuous week in yet another shitshow of Australian politics (#libspill), Scott Morrison – latecomer – has emerged victorious as Australia’s next Prime Minister. ScoMo is our sixth leader in 11 years… until he inevitably gets knifed in the back by the next power-thirsty pollie.

Or he could lose in the next election. Who knows.

As one heavily sighs at our political landscape, others step up as the heroes we need but do not deserve – meme-makers. ‘Cos right now, all we can do is laugh in this twisted adaption of Back to the Future. 

Over the course of this week thousands of memes have hit the internet so here, for your viewing pleasure, are a collection of them fresh from today’s #LibSpill.

But first, this in itself is just something else entirely.

To learn more about Morrison AKA ScoMo, have a click on the below.

And now to an array of memes from Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly – the ALP Spicy Meme Stash. 

First up is this baby from the team over at kiss1065 who have really stepped up their meme game over the past few days.

Anyone else still in #LibSpill shock? #KIIS1065 #KeepKIISLoud

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And now, straight to the ALP Spicy Meme Stash.

This one from Industry Bargaining Memes for Class Conscious Teens is possibly my favourite one.

Credit: Unknown but damn it’s quality.

And now to your classics.

Seriously we are the laughing stock of the political world #auspol #libspill

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This is from yesterday but I’m still laughing.

Good stuff, good stuff. 

A little while ago former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull gave his final presser and well, we are all Jack in this situation.


Image: Facebook / Industry Bargaining Memes for Class Conscious Teens