A Liberal MP’s Office Accidentally Emailed Out A Barnaby-Ethering Meme

It’s staggering to me the amount of times a simple process like sending an email goes horrifically bung. It is the most basic and fundamental function of the internet, and yet time and time again people whose professional lives virtually revolve around the sending and receiving of electronic mail manage to balls it up spectacularly. In today’s episode: This insanely weird Barnaby Joyce-related email sent out by the office of a Liberal Party MP.

Joyce, as we all know, is now the inglorious former leader of the National Party thanks to his mighty hog which he of mere mortal flesh was clearly powerless to contain.

While outwardly the Liberal Party has remained extremely purse-lipped about the fate of their Coalition comrade and deposed 2IC, behind closed doors you’d expect widespread guffawing.

And as a result of that, combined with one goofball who probably still most closely associates the term ‘CC’ with a delicious Mexican snack, we now have this: a meme emanating from the office of Liberal MP and chief government whip Nola Marino absolutely torching Barnaby Joyce over his banishment to the back bench.

The email, apparently, landed in the inbox of political journos earlier this morning before it was extremely hastily recalled a short time later.

On a meme scale that’s a solid 7/10. Decent, but not world-breaking.

But still, how the hell this one managed to be “accidentally” sent out to journalists is anyone’s guess.

‘Course it’s certainly nice to know that Barnaby Joyce is copping a righteous owning in various Canberra group chats today.

Can’t say the Beetman didn’t earn it.