Well, here’s a conundrum in the John Alexander / Kristina Keneally race for the seat of Bennelong: it appears the Liberal candidate (a.k.a. Alexander) doesn’t know how to use a telephone.

Of course, that’s surely not the case. He must know how to use a landline, given this bloke served as a member of Parliament before getting toppled in this dual citizenship debacle.

But that doesn’t explain the cooked thinking behind this pic he shared of himself and his campaign volunteers phone banking for votes.

If you’ll look closely, you’ll see that none of these phones are plugged in.

A Liberal Candidate Is Being Rinsed Over This Horrendously Staged Pic

They’re just… not plugged into anything. Sitting there, limp. Useless as a fart in a playsuit (or a dual citizen in parliament). How are going to call up the local residents if you can’t even call up a dial tone?

It’s the kind of political blunder that really makes politics fun (apart from when politicians are falling like bowling ball pins because they forgot to check their citizenship).

You can see what happened: someone on Alexander’s team said, “Let’s just get a quick photo for socials,” and gathered the only four people volunteering to sit close together to create a look of support.

“Oh, that’s okay, just unplug the phone and get over here – it’s fine!”

Spoiler: things were not fine.

This is online, so of course Alexander’s getting rinsed.

Even GetUp! had a crack:

And Keneally herself made this shady lil’ update to her Twitter bio.

A Liberal Candidate Is Being Rinsed Over This Horrendously Staged Pic

Ah, politics. It’s all fun and games until someone gets roasted online, and that’s when the joy really begins.

Image: Twitter / John Alexander