Liam Neeson Talks In A Husky Voice, Kills Everything In The ‘Tak3n’ Trailer

Let’s address the elephant in the room straight up. Yes, there’s a Taken 3. And of course it’s called Tak3n. We all saw it coming, and even if you didn’t I doubt you’re even remotely surprised right now. 

Liam Neeson returns to reprise a role wherein something is taken from him, and he has to talk in a low, husky voice a lot in order to get whatever was taken from him back. Also he shoots things and punches people and generally causes the amount of chaos that would cripple your average city council’s clean up budget in one fell swoop.
Instead of gallivanting around Europe slapping the soul out of unnamed goons of pan-Scandinavian origin, this time Neeson, as Bryan Mills, takes a page out of The Fugitive‘s book and is framed for the murder of his wife – seriously, if there isn’t a “I didn’t kill my wife!“/”“I don’t care!” dialogue exchange in it, I’ma flip shit – and not only has to hunt down the mysterious man who has taken her from him, but also the FBI and the CIA and whatever.
Tak3n also stars Forrest Whitaker and Maggie Grace, was written by the team behind the first two films in Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kanen and is directed by Olivier Megaton, who handled number 2.
It’ll be out in January.

As for the future of the series, the film is billed as being the one where “It Ends Here” but we all know that Hollywood likes things that make money, which this inevitably will. So it’s foreseeable that the series will extend to T4ken and Taken 5 and Taken 6 until eventually Liam Neeson has killed everyone on the planet, only to then realise that the only person who has even truly taken anything from him… is himself.