Liam Neeson Says “I’m Not Racist” After Admitting Urge To Kill A Black Man

Liam Neeson has responded to the backlash over his admission he contemplated killing a random black person, saying “I’m not racist, this was nearly 40 years ago.”

A day after The Independent published Neeson’s initial remarks, the action movie star used an appearance on Good Morning America to recount his reaction to learning of the alleged rape of a close friend by a black man.

Neeson said he hoped “to be set upon, so that I could unleash physical violence” on a random black person as some kind of retribution, and that he set out do to so “maybe four or five times.”

He said he eventually sought external help for his urges in the form of confession, talking with friends, and power-walking.

When pushed by host Robin Roberts on his decision to target random individuals based on their ethnicity, Neeson said he would have had the same reaction “If she had said an Irish, or a Scot, or a Brit or a Lithuanian“.

He added he felt he was motivated to seek violence against members of a specific ethnic group after being raised amidst the sectarian violence of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. 

The conversation on Good Morning America comes after widespread condemnation of Neeson, and a broader discussion of how underlying racist prejudices can motivate individuals into violence.

Others have stated that Neeson doesn’t deserve praise for correctly realising that his urge for violence against black individuals was deeply worrying.

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