Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth was spotted on Thursday on a dinner date with fellow Aussie Maddison Brown, and it looks like they’ve taken the PDA from 0 to 500,000 already.

I’m not just talking about hand-holding and a peck on the cheek. No. I’m talking Liam Hemsworth giving mouth-to-mouth to Maddison Brown’s chest in the middle of a very public, paparazzi-filled street.

You can view all of the face-boob action here, but I warn you, it is some serious PDA. Enter at your own risk.

Liam, what are you doing? I know he’s been in Long-Term-Relationshipville for a decade, he might be a little rusty. But for the love of God, you can’t just head-butt your girlfriend’s chest.

I know the whole “sleeping on your significant other’s chest” thing is romantic and cute, but I’m not entirely sure it works when you’re standing up in a public street.

Fellow Aussie Maddison Brown is an actress and model, most known for playing Kirby Anders on Dynasty. Despite both being from down under, Liam and Maddison both currently reside in the US.

The pair were spotted out for a few drinks at New York City’s ‘The Flower Shop’ bar before their huge public affection display. They were later seen at Alley Cat amateur theatre, which leads me to believe they’ve been on one, long, continuous date since Thursday.

Some are calling Liam’s PDA a revenge act against Miley, but honestly I think he’s just enjoying a new fling. This is the first time he’s been back on the market since 2009, when moustaches were on everything and he was basically an infant. Let the man enjoy his life, even if it’s a little public.

Honestly, I’m living for this true-blue Aussie romance. Maybe they’ll live happily ever after with Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky in Byron Bay. Isn’t that what we all dream of?

While Liam is getting cosy with Maddison Brown, Miley is also getting close to an Aussie with her new maybe-boyfriend Cody Simpson. Maybe Australians are all just a bunch of charming hotties?

I thought I’d be a little more upset that Liam and Miley have both moved on, but they both seem so incredibly happy. Can we all join in on a collective “awwww”?

Image: Getty Images / Axelle