Leyonhjelm Won’t Let 18C Go, Unveils Chopper Read-Style “Harden Up” Bill

Senator David Leyonhjelm is Australia‘s foremost libertarian – a staunch defender of free speech who spends every waking moment kissing his guns, screaming at his computer about his right to buy fireworks and weird German porn, and railing against what he sees as today’s culture of oversensitivity.
In the spirit of his beliefs, let me exercise my right to insult people by describing how I feel about Leyonhjelm: he’s a smug, ideologically inconsistent fuckhead whose head is so far up his own ass it has come out his neck again, giving him roughly the shape of a normal person.
While, like most libertarians, he occasionally falls on the right side of some social issues, it is always purely by a happy accident of his self-involved, completely oblivious personal philosophy. 
While on the surface libertarianism might sound quite nice (freedom to do whatever, etc etc), it 100% of the time ends up being a way for people to divorce themselves from any responsibility to care about social and economic issues that don’t directly affect them, and it’s a nice easy way to pretend that things like systemic racism and sexism don’t exist.
Instead of being champions of the right for people to exist without oppression or discrimination, they just go on Twitter and argue that people should be able to buy murder weapons without a license. In short (bit late for that I guess): they suck.
His crusade at the moment is against section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, because (like a bunch of other conservatives) he’s concerned that not quite enough people in the country are experiencing racism at this time and he’s annoyed that we’ve made hate speech a crime. Truly a noble pursuit.
But he’s not going to stop there, according to a press release from his office that sounded incredibly pleased with itself:
“Like the Chopper Read character portrayed by comedian, Heath Franklin, Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm has today announced he will introduce a Bill to encourage Australians to harden up.

“In addition to his Bill to repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, Senator Leyonhjelm is challenging Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to put down his macchiato, cancel his manicure, and remove the words “insult” and “offend” from at least eight Commonwealth Acts that seek to limit free speech.”

If this was anyone else, I would probably find this pretty funny, but this sort of stunt shit from Leyonhjelm gets super tiring, especially when the sort of offence that he’s talking about is actual racism which is actually harmful, something he seems fundamentally incapable of understanding because he’s never been discriminated against in his life and his brain is small.

But of course his response is typical. Try to sue someone for being racist to you? You’re a sook:

Speaking of sooks, remember that time The Chaser went after him with some insults he was actively defending and he threatened to call the police? Seems a lot like running off to the nanny government to me:
Eat shit, Dave.