We’ve partnered with Levi’s to give you the goss on the hottest collab this side of Springfield.

Friends, I come bearing some wonderful news. The Simpsons, aka the best series to ever grace this sad excuse of a planet, has teamed up with none other than the iconic Levi’s to release a limited edition collaboration, and, um, shut up and take my money.

For over three decades, the fine folks of Springfield have been an unwavering fountain of comedy, comfort, and entertainment — it’s almost impossible to quantify the cultural impact the series has had. 

On a personal level, The Simpsons quotes make up about 80% of my interactions with my friends. So the fact that such an iconic series is partnering with such an iconic brand is just, bellissimo

The Simpsons x Levi’s collab has been created to reflect the experience of going to school through the eyes of Springfield elementary students. Levi’s says they wanted to focus on the nuances of the show — “celebrating the weird, eccentric, and unexpected moments in the school kids’ lives and celebrate them for all audiences.” 

Expect iconic screen grabs from the show, all expressed via graphics, labels, and patterns adorning the ever-stylish Levi’s aesthetic. 

“For Autumn/Winter 2022, Levi’s and The Simpsons have created a special streetwear-inspired collaboration that delivers big on the throwback pop culture vibes.”

“Featuring Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, and a whole host of  Springfield’s most popular residents, it’s a collaboration that both transports you back to another era and keeps things fresh and stylish for today.” 

The Simpsons famously love a pants gag, so honestly, match made in heaven.

The Simpsons x Levi’s collaboration is available right now to purchase right here. And, I cannot stress this enough, the collab is available for a limited time — once they’re gone, they’re gone, baby. So get in quick sticks.

Image: Levi's®