Leo Just Gave Trump His Renewable Energy Take Before It’s All Too Late

The fact Donald Trump doesn’t know dick about politics is horrifying. The president-elect is most likely the least qualified person to ever be elected to the America’s highest office, and his advisory picks are worrying – at fucking best.

A cursory glance at his public persona reveals the bloke is also obsessed with the concept of fame and positive reception. The United States’ narcissist in chief takes counsel from celebs on a semi-regular basis, which should put the fear of God in you.

Those two characteristics – being ignorant and awestruck – will likely do a number on the USA over the next four years. However, none other than Leonardo DiCaprio may have just proven his weaknesses can also be exploited for the good of the planet.

When he’s not off being one of the most lauded actors of the modern era, Leo is also a staunch environmental activist, and the bloke just sat down with Trump and daughter / brains Ivanka to discuss renewable energy and its job-creating possibilities. 

Terry Tamminen, president of The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, said today’s chat “focused on how to create millions of secure, American jobs in the construction and operation of commercial and residential clean, renewable energy generation.”
Remember, Trump once called climate change a Chinese conspiracy:

His recent pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency also has, shall we say, a dim view of climate science. Maybe if Leo can convince Trump to sit still for the duration of his recent doco on the topic, the Oscar-winner could flatter his way to a better future for the planet’s climate. 

Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty.