Leo DiCaprio Punches A Bear, Gets Buried Alive In This Trailer For “The Revenant”

It’s mfing OSCARS SEASON, y’all!

Hollywood is right ramping up to start pumping out all the quality fare they’ve been selfishly hoarding all year, in order to spew it all out right at the time when the apparently senile voters of the Academy are about to start the nominating process by remembering the last film they saw.
And with that time of the year upon, it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio will be making a more-than spirited run at finally cracking the Best Actor category this year, for his work in the upcoming tense-looking The Revenant.
The film already has its Academy Award credentials all in place, coming from the hand of Director Alejandro G. I?árritu, who picked up the Best Director gong last year for Birdman, whilst also scoring Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.
The Revenant sees I?árritu again co-pen the script – alongside Mark L. Smith – this time adapting the screenplay from the 2003 Michael Punke novel of the same name, based on the real life story of frontiersman Hugh Glass.
DiCaprio fills the role of Glass, and the film dropped its first intense-looking trailer today – which features DiCaprio literally punching a bear and then getting buried alive.

Couple that with a cast that also features Tom Hardy and you’ve just about got a lock for at least a handful of nominations come Awards Season early next year.
The Revenant hits select cinemas from Christmas Day, with a wider release scheduled for January 8th.