Leigh Sales Made Scott Morrison Forget He Was A Politician On ‘7:30’

It is a truth nationally acknowledged in Australian politics that Leigh Sales ain’t nuthing ta fuck with, but last night she appeared to make Treasurer Scott Morrison briefly forget he is a politician, something many of us frequently wish we could recreate. 

Leigh: The Coalition made a swift return to surplus the centrepiece of your election campaign, you made the failure to deliver that, Labor‘s primary failing, yet now the talk of a swift return to surplus is abandoned.
Doesn’t that drastic shift in rhetoric fatally damage your credibility?

ScoMo: You’ve got to be realistic about the challenges you face, and what is in this document is a reduction in the deficit from some 2.7% of GDP down to 0.7% of the GDP over the budget and forward estimates.

Leigh: But you’re not addressing what I’m asking about the change in rhetoric.

ScoMo: Well you’re asking me about politics, Leigh. You’re asking me about politics. What I’m talking about is what is actually happening with the budget.

Leigh: Politics frames everything.

ScoMo: Well it may frame things for journalists, what it doesn’t frame for me is how we go about the task of returning the budget to balance.

So in conclusion, that was Treasurer Scott Morrison dodging questions about the Coalition basing its election campaign around a “swift return to surplus”, in light of news that the federal budget deficit is now projected to blow out by $26.1 billion over the next four years, and reach $37.4 billion in 2015-16.

Checks out.

Story / Image: ABC.