Leigh Sales Had Zero Time For Malcolm Turnbull Calling The Shots On ‘7.30’

Malcolm Turnbull has been riding the popular approval gravy-train since toppling Tones back in September, and we have to admit, our ex-PM was a lot more accommodating in terms of lulz-worthy content. Oh yes, we dined heartily during Abbott’s reign, much like he chowed down on brown root vegetables. 
With the new bloke in charge? Well, it’s been slim pickings. 

In fact, he’s barely stepped out of line in the public eye thus far. Some snazzy policy announcements, like a mental health overhaul and a new methamphetamine action plan have certainly helped, too. 

Leigh Sales sees your approval figures, though. And Leigh Sales don’t care. On tonight’s 7.30, the legitimate queen of top-notch Australian reportage took issue with the PM’s insistence on focusing on his newly announced Innovation Statement. 
Before we begin, let us say that the policy itself seems pretty palatable, but parading it willy-nilly on the public broadcaster when Sales is on duty? Nuh-uh.  

Political commentators were keen to jump in on the first real public stumble the PM made, too.

So there you have it, folks. Malcolm’s taken an L, and it’s so much more noticable after numpties clamoured on Sales after deeming her “too soft” in her last interview with the PM. Until next time, Mal.

Catch the full interview here.

Story: ABC.
Photo: ABC iView.