Leigh Sales Cares Not That You Thought She Was “Soft” On ‘7:30’ Last Night

ICYMI, last night gun-interviewer Leigh Sales grilled new PM Malcolm Turnbull on ABC’s 7:30 Report, and things got a little… thirsty.

Fast-forward to this morning, and Sales is getting accused of being “too soft” on Turnbull; it’s been over two weeks since the ABC was accused of waging a jihad against the government, so in our flippity-floppity-fucking modern day ‘Straya, this makes absolute sense.

Fairfax published an article this morning entitled ‘Leigh Sales criticised for soft-touch interview with Malcolm Turnbull‘, and embedded a series of tweets to prove it:

Now, the beautiful tropical fish that is Leigh Sales is no stranger to criticism. She revels in it. Rides the outrage wave. Eats shitty subtweets up for breakfast and gives about as many fucks as Bill Shorten gives inspiring speeches – absolute zero.

She’s posted a handy guide to criticising her in the future, so y’all can just get right back in your bins now, ya hear?

Picture: ABC / Twitter.