LEGO Just Released A $1,300, 7,500-Piece Millennium Falcon & It Is So Dope

Sure, whatever. LEGO is *theoretically* for kids. It’s in the toy aisle at the department store. Fine, of course. It’s marketed almost exclusively to a younger crowd. Yep, got that. But you absolutely cannot look me in the face and tell me the credit card hand isn’t trembling at the thought of this. This is so sick.

Around 10 years ago, LEGO released a Star Wars line of play sets that included a gargantuan Millennium Falcon that ran to 5,195. At the time, this was the largest set the brick manufacturer had ever released.

Fast-forward 10 years and they’ve casually decided to outdo themselves by releasing an updated version of the Falcon that eclipses the 2007 model by over two thousand pieces.

The new version of the beast has some 7,541 pieces in it. Seven thousand, five hundred, and forty one. Holy frijoles.

The new Falcon features a four-figure cockpit with a detachable canopy, a functioning boarding ramp that actually lowers, upper *and* lower quad laser cannons, and the ability to either set the model up in the classic form (with a round sensor dish and classic Han, Chewie, Leia, and C-3PO figures), or set it up as it appears in the current new trilogy (with a rectangular sensor dish and Old Han, Rey, Finn, and BB-8 figures).

It’s so incredibly dope. SO DOPE.

The somewhat bad news, however, is that a set of this size and magnitude was never going to be cheap. If you’re absolutely frothing to get your hands on one, it’ll set you back a cool $1,299.99 from the LEGO online store, which is virtually the only place in Australia that you’ll be able to get your hands on one.

Still, in terms of Star Wars fandom this is about as peak as it gets. The holy grail. It’s like gunning the Kessel run in well under 12 parsecs.

Now, of course, if LEGO feels like sending a certain Melbourne-based Senior News Editor of PEDESTRIAN.TV one for free so he can film himself hilariously swearing while putting it together in a Facebook Live video or something then I don’t think there’d be many complaints…

Content. It’s all about content.